Frequently Asked Questions

When are you open?

We open each year on the Thursday of Memorial Day Weekend, which is usually the last weekend in May. We close about the 15th of October for the winter, usually on Columbus Day.

How far in advance do I need to book?

Call or email us as soon as you know your dates! We can reserve cabins up to 51 weeks (A YEAR MINUS A WEEK) before your desired stay. Many people re-book for next summer before leaving this summer, so booking well in advance is a good idea. But we also get cancellations at all different times, so it is never to too late to try to grab one of those. Just call or email us, and we will help you out!

What is provided in my cabin?

Our kitchens are stocked with: basic dishes, eating and cooking utensils, glasses, pots and pans, salt and pepper, dish towels, pot holders, dish soap, sponge, paper towels, coffee maker and filters, toaster, microwave, four burner stove, and refrigerator. The bathrooms include: bar soap, towels, and toilet paper (No shampoo and conditioner.) We also provide free firewood for your fireplace and a charcoal barbeque on your deck, but you need to bring charcoal and lighter fluid. We also provide towels in the kitchen and bathroom.

Special notes on bedding in the Covid19 era:

In 2BR, 3BR, and 4BR cabins: WE provide pillows, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets for the beds in the bedrooms. BUT, we provide nothing whatsoever for the futons in the living rooms. YOU need to bring pillows, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets for the futon(s). We also provide no extra blankets for any of the beds in case it gets cold. You need to provide those as well. Sorry for the inconvenience.

In 1BR cabins: WE provide the pillows, pillow cases, and sheets for the bed(s) in the bedroom, but YOU must bring the blankets for the bed(s) in the bedroom and YOU must bring EVERYTHING for the futon in the living room—pillows, pillow cases, sheets, and blankets—if you want to use it. You must also bring ALL extra blankets for the entire cabin in case it gets cold. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please ask us if you have any other questions concerning bedding provided and not provided. Thanks!

Do you have photos of my cabin?

We have a few photos of some of the individual cabin that you can access on our Cabins page They provide a representative sample of our accommodations and furnishings. We like to say that we are a big step up from camping with comfortable beds, running water, and full kitchens. Think “comfortable and rustic” rather than “stylish and luxurious.” That said, we are constantly upgrading our cabins to improve your experience.

Can I bring my dogs?

Yes!  Every cabin is pet friendly. The first dog is $15/night, each additional dog is $5/night. We are happy to provide bags for dog waste when you are out on walks on request.  Pets must be on leash on property – we can recommend nearby off-leash areas. Please do not leave your dogs unattended at your cabin for long periods of time. Most of Mammoth town and trails are pet friendly as well.

Should I worry about bears?

We do have bears in the area, but they are California brown bears and not aggressive. They will seek out food, though, so please do not leave food, food containers (even sealed), or food trash in your car or on your cabin deck.

Will you clean my cabin?

We clean each cabin thoroughly before and after your stay, but not while you are here. If you need fresh towels or linens during your stay, we are happy to exchange them for your used towels/linens in the office.

Can I arrive early or late?

Check in time is 3pm. We cannot guarantee early check-in, but if you call on the morning of your arrival after 10am and we can give you a better estimate of when your cabin will be ready. Showing up early makes it extremely difficult for our cleaning staff, as well as the staff here at Crystal Crag.  Late check-ins are no problem – we will leave an envelope outside our office door with your name on it. Inside the envelope you’ll find a map to your cabin and a key. Please check in with us the following morning.

What’s the weather like?

Our season runs from May through October, and the weather is generally pleasant all season long.  Our summer high temperatures rarely exceed 80 degrees. Our nighttime temperatures vary from 30s (May and October) to high 50s (June-August), so we do recommend layers for those chilly mornings and evenings.  You can see local weather reports at  We are at 9000ft, between the “slopes” and “mountain” forecast elevations.

How’s the fishing?

Fishing is great in the eastern Sierras, and especially on Lake Mary. You can read a recent fishing report here. Don’t forget to check out our brag board on the office deck, where you can weigh your catch and share the details.  We also have fish cleaning rags and guts bags located below for your convenience.  A fish cleaning station is set up in our “park” area, with cutting board, scrub brush and hose.

Do you have WiFi/cell reception/TVs?

Short answer: No.  We are a place to get away from it all!  It’s everything great about camping and backpacking without any of the challenges!

More details: There is no WiFi on the mountain, but we can recommend several places in town with free WiFi just 5 miles away.  We use a hotspot in the office to answer emails, so if you need it, bring it!  If you have AT&T, you will get cell phone reception.  If you have any other wireless carrier, don’t count on being able to make calls. All major carriers do get signal in town, though, and you are welcome to use our landline for emergencies. We have clips attached near the front door to your cabin where we can post messages, if someone were to call for you.  We do not have TVs in the cabins, but there is a small movie theater in town and the local grocery store has a RedBox  – you can rent DVDs and play them on your laptop.